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Best Springtime Rim Country Hikes

We all know how beautiful Rim Country is. The tall pine trees, bubbling creeks, friendly people, and cool mountain air are just a few of the reasons that make it the best place in Arizona. For nature lovers, the options here are incomparable. Visiting Rim Country in springtime is especially incredible. I love to watch the buds on the trees start to blossom, the water levels in the creeks rise as the snow melts, and all sorts of signs of life. With the incredible amounts of snow we’ve had this winter, we’re expecting the springtime beauty this year to be for the record books! We’ve put together a list of 5 fantastic local hikes to give you the best opportunities to soak up all of the beauty.

Pine-Strawberry Trail: This is our “local” trail. And by that, I mean that it’s just a few hundred feet from our front steps! The trail is quite long (just over 8 miles), but we usually just do a few miles of it at a time. Although, fun fact: if you opt to hike the entire thing, you’ll finish right next to THAT Brewery – the perfect way to end a hike! Just be sure to arrange for somebody to come pick you up unless you want to hike all the way back.

Pine Trailhead: This is another great local trail. Pine Trailhead is part of the Arizona Trail, which is an 800 mile trail traversing the entire state from north to south. Make sure you snap a picture by the Arizona Trail gate. You can hike as much or as little of the trail as you like. I love the switchbacks near the start of the trail, and we often pack a picnic with us to enjoy at one of the many picnic areas at the trailhead.

(Photos from All Trails)

Tunnel via Arizona Trail: If you’re looking for a unique trail, this is the one for you. The hike begins by meandering beside a creek with ample tree canopy. Eventually, the trail joins with a forest service road. This is when the real work begins as you gain significant elevation. Once you reach the top, take a right and follow the trail to find the railroad tunnel! It’s quite difficult in the last section, but worth it. PS – it’s not an actual railroad tunnel. It was supposed to become one, but never quite got finished.

(Photos from All Trails)

Monument Peak Loop Trail: You’ll need to head to Payson for this beautiful trail! If you time it right for after a rain, you’ll be able to enjoy a seasonal stream for parts of it. I love that this trail has it all: forest, open areas, a stream, and mountains. The trail circles Monument Peak. It is a really great hike for seeing the vast array of flora in Rim Country!

Tonto Natural Bridge: A visit to Rim Country is truly incomplete without including Tonto Natural Bridge. There is a trail to the bottom that is rated as difficult, but there are other exploration options available if you’re looking for something easier. Please note: dogs are not permitted on the trails, and there is an entrance fee to the park. Our family loves exploring here! Click here for a more complete look at exploring the state park.

Head to our booking page to reserve your accommodations for your spring getaway! It’s a beautiful time of year to visit!

-Carson & Amber

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