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Special events at The strawberry inn
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Wedding & Bridal
Corporate Events
Family & Friend Getaways

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many people can attend my event?

A: We can accommodate as many as 50 people on the grounds. For safety purposes, this number is strict and will be enforced.


Q: Do you take care of the food for us?

A: The Strawberry Inn does not provide food services, BUT we will connect you with fantastic catering options!


Q: Do I need to rent the entire property for my event?

A: Nope! You have the option of a whole/partial buyout for your event. You will need to contact us directly for pricing information.


Q: My event isn't for another year... can I still get it booked now?

A: Yes, please do! We recommend booking sooner rather than later. You can book up to 1 year in advance. The earlier you get going on the process, the more likely it will be that you can secure your preferred dates.

Q: I want to make it an experience to remember for my guests... can you help?

A: Absolutely! We offer bonus options such as: in-room gift packages for your guests, catering, custom itineraries, and more.


Q: What sorts of events have you held at the Inn?

A: In the past, we've hosted quilting retreats, staff retreats, church retreats, and more. We hosted a large scale dinner in front of the Inn in May 2022 that included a multi-course dinner, drinks, and more. We're ready for all sorts of events!

Q: Do you have more info I can read?

A: Of course! Check out more info here, here and here!

Packages / Offerings
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Flagship Property
  • Sleeps 26

  • Includes The Guest House and Rooms 1-8

  • Front grass and picnic table area

  • Windmill Coffee on property

Upper Park
  • Sleeps 52

  • Upper Park Yard Meeting Space

  • 2 BBQ grills

  • Perfect for large families or groups

  • Play equipment, picnic tables, and yard games

  • dogs allowed

Lower Park
  • Sleeps 24

  • Includes bungalow and cottages 1-4

  • Lower Park Yard

  • One hosted fire pit night

  • 2 BBQ Grills

  • Perfect for families, corporate groups and more

  • no dogs allowed

Add On and Bundle Lower Park Properties with the following if dates allow:

Airstream Only "Glamping Getaway" 

  • Includes all 4 airstreams

  • Sleeps 3 guest per accommodation

  • Includes the enclosed paver area near airstream 4

  • Close access to see the creek

  • 2 BBQ Grills

  • Perfect for couples and singles

  • No dogs allowed

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