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Tales of A Corporate Retreat at The Strawberry Inn

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

The Strawberry Inn is known for being a destination for families, couples, adventurers, and dog-lovers, but what many don't realize is that it is the ultimate destination for corporate retreats, too! We often book up with retreats large and small for all types of companies in different industries.

What makes our boutique getaway the perfect option for corporate retreats is our community of properties ranging from small 2-person rooms all the way up to large cabins. All of our accommodations have a community feel, situated close to one another with common hang-out areas sprinkled in between.

We recently had a corporate group stay with us who's owners also happen to be our dear friends... AND the makers of our Little Free Library! Jerrod and Kelsey of Hill Farm Design brought their team and their family members for a fun filled weekend in Strawberry to step away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy one another's company in a quieter setting. "It was so nice to step away from the busy work life and focus on our employees. With a growing business, we couldn't have asked for a more calming environment to bring our team to and thank them for all they do."

They were so kind to share with us what they did during their stay - below!

Friday Night:

Making time to get their work week wrapped up, the group made their way to Strawberry on Friday afternoon and met at Old County Inn to kick off the weekend together! Scoring the perfect early-fall weather, the group dined on apps, pizza, and drinks outside on the patio amidst the fresh mountain air - then headed to their properties for a good night's rest to gear up for a Saturday of fun.


Kelsey and Jerrod, who stayed in the Guest House, invited everyone over for breakfast on Saturday morning. Upon arrival, the entire group shuffled over to Windmill Coffee just steps away to grab their favorite morning beverage (Kelsey admitted that the group had Windmill Coffee every morning they were there! They love Dan's drinks!) The group loved hanging out and enjoying breakfast in the Guest House because the family room space was large enough to comfortably fit their group of 9 (and kids in tow) - plus, the open concept allowed for easy access to the kitchen & dining.

The group really thought through their plans and made it a true weekend of relaxation. Multiple employees have kids 3 and under - so they hired trusty babysitters to watch the little ones at the Guest House while the adults got to go out and have some fun in the mountains -- genius!

Saturday after breakfast, the guys of the group went off-roading and explored on vehicles looking for thrill and beautiful views while the girls went antique shopping in Downtown Pine. A group favorite was The Honey Stand where the girls grabbed salsas, jams, and honey sticks to take home and snack on!

After lots of exploring, the two groups met back up for lunch at Pinewood Tavern for some classic American cuisine, then the girls made one more stop at the Lavendar Farm to roam around and shop some more.

It doesn't stop there - the entire group then made their way out to the Pine Trailhead for an afternoon hike which was perfect for all levels. Both the experienced and active members of the group were satisfied, as were the ones looking for a nice easy stroll!

To end the day of fun, everyone headed back to their hub at the Guest House and they enjoyed a homemade taco bar, garnished with the salsa they had purchased from The Honey Stand earlier in the day! Before the sitters put the babies to bed, the group broke away for one last nightcap - s'mores at the Lower Park Yard fire pits! (Man, did they think of everything!)

Sunday Morning:

Before the group headed out of town, they were sure to stop at a crowd favorite, Pie Bar, for delicious breakfast empanadas. With a Windmill Coffee in hand, of course!


It was so much fun to see the groups photos and hear about the fun they experienced together during their stay. Though they jam-packed adventure into their trip, they also mentioned it was so lovely to enjoy a game of corn hole together in the various yard spaces - and they loved grabbing their laptops and getting a little bit of work done on the communal picnic tables and porch swings during downtime.

As you can see, there are ways to make any type of group travel fun at The Strawberry Inn! The peaceful and slow pace of Strawberry might just be what your corporate group needs as a reward for all of the hard work they do each day.

We'd love to see your group 'berry soon!

- Carson & Amber

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