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Get Hiking in a Hurry - Pine-Strawberry Trailhead

Updated: Feb 28

Updated Feb 2024

I get a lot of people asking, “Are there trails really close to the Inn?” If .4 miles is close to you, then YES! The Pine-Strawberry Trailhead is one of our family favorites. We love that it’s super close to the Inn, so we can get back quickly if we need to take care of any work tasks. It’s an easy enough trail for people who don’t hike often, but it is long enough to give experienced adventurers a workout.

It’s easy to miss the turnout, so here are exact directions to help you out! Turn left out of the Inn parking lot. Look for the “Slow vehicle turnout” signage on the right. Turn right and park in the trailhead parking lot. There are three trails, but we always use the trailhead to the left, which runs parallel to the highway. Here's a link to the trail!

It’s partially shaded, with lots of great spots to sit and have a snack break. There is a seasonal creek on parts of the trail, which is always a treat! Our kids are obsessed with a petrified log on the hike; they always stick their heads through the hole for a picture.

Here’s a funny story! One of the very first times we explored this trail, I had heard rumors of rattlesnakes in the area, and was completely petrified of coming into contact with one. I heard a sound that had me convinced was a rattlesnake. Turns out, it was a cicada (a completely harmless bug, in case you didn’t know). Thank goodness! While I still have never personally seen a rattlesnake on any subsequent hike, this is Arizona, so be aware of your surroundings just in case.

Tag us in your pics when you hike this trail! Happy Exploring.

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