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Exploring the East Verde River!

Updated: Feb 19

UPDATED Feb 2024

If you’re like so many of our guests, part of the reason for coming to Strawberry is to get out and enjoy nature. Just minutes from the Inn is world class hiking! But, you don’t have to be a serious hiker to enjoy. We firmly believe that adventure is for everyone! There are several spots nearby that are perfect for exploring, without having to don hiking boots and a hiking backpack. Today, I want to highlight the East Verde River.

This spot is a favorite for our family. Our girls love jumping from rock to rock across the creek, and splashing in the water on hot days. It’s always fun when we spot crawdads in the water too. We have been coming here since our youngest was around 2, and years later, they still love it and get excited every time.

Here’s the lowdown: Once you get to the parking area (directions linked below), head down to the water. If it’s busy, we usually just walk a little way along the water to find a less crowded spot, which doesn’t take long. Bring a picnic blanket and your favorite picnic foods, and make a full afternoon of it. There are little man-made rock pools in the creek that are perfect for splashing and playing.

East Verde River is perfect for all ages. If you’re traveling with older friends or family members who are nervous about a hike, but still want to explore nature, this is a great place to come!

How to get there:

Happy Exploring!

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