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Secret Bridge in Strawberry

Updated: Feb 28

Updated February 2024

Strawberry is a small town, but there are some spots that stay hidden even from people who have been coming here for years. One of my favorite hidden spots is the Secret Bridge under Highway 87. That’s right - You can actually walk UNDER the main highway in town. It’s the perfect secret passage if you are staying at the Upper or Lower Park, but want to walk to the main Inn for a cup of coffee from Windmill Coffee.

One quick tip before I tell you how to find it! We strive to be great neighbors, so as you’re exploring, make sure you are respectful of private property by sticking to the main trail.

To find the Secret Bridge: Head to The Yard at the Lower Park. Just next to the grassy area, there is a small opening leading down to the dry creek (It should go without saying that if the creek is running, save the hike for another time!). Stay on our side of the creek, and walk past the Strawberry Lodge. After passing the lodge, you’ll come to the Secret Bridge that goes right under Highway 87!

Have fun exploring!

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