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Exploring Rim Country in Autumn

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Updated October 2023

While we definitely have pine trees in abundance here in Rim Country, we also have a number of deciduous trees with leaves that change into bright hues of red, yellow, and orange each fall. The colors peak in mid-late October. It’s hard to put into words just how beautiful it is – it’s definitely something you need to come see in person.

If you’re wanting to get up close with the beautiful fall colors, here are a handful of suggestions for where to go!


Located at Washington Park Trailhead about 20 minutes from the Inn, this hike is among the most beautiful in all of Arizona. The single-track trail winds through the forest, with lush tree canopy for most of it. The water in the creek flows year-round, and provides the perfect soundtrack to your hike. You can expect to see a huge variety of color in the leaves. Don’t be surprised if you have to stop and just take it all in now and then! The hike is about 3 miles round trip, but could easily be extended if you’re feeling brave and want to hike to the top of the Rim. Either way, it’s an epic spot for enjoying the beauty of Autumn in Arizona.


This epic viewpoint is a bit of a drive from the Inn, which makes it perfect for admiring the leaves along the way. On your way there, you’ll pass through Payson and Christopher Creek before following the turn off for Woods Canyon Lake. The changing leaves along the way are a sight to behold. Once you’re on the back road, turn off at the sign for Rim Lakes Vista Overlook. Park, pick a spot to sit, and soak up the incredible view.

We’ve blogged about this specific hike before, but the drive is pretty incredible too! From the Inn, you’ll drive north on Highway 87, where you’ll have the opportunity to see maple trees, aspens, and more. On the forest road, you can follow the signs for Potato Lake, or opt to just drive around and follow the beauty of the forest. It’s up to you! There is even a small grove of Aspens just over the hill behind the lake.

We're looking forward to another beautiful Autumn in Rim Country. I have a feeling it's going to be extra spectacular after all the rain we received this summer! Click here to book your fall getaway.

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