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You Say Potato, I Say Potato Lake

Updated: Feb 19

UPDATED Feb 2024

Here’s another local spot for you hikers and adventurers! I’m going to give you a heads up though, my SUV got dirtier than it ever had during the drive to get here. Potato Lake is 25 minutes north on 87 from the Inn, in Coconino National Forest. The drive is scenic, with winding roads that eventually give way to a dirt road surrounded by forest.

The trailhead is less of a trailhead, and more of an open area between some trees. This is truly a backwoods adventure spot! Follow the sign that says ‘Potato Lake’ down the wide path. The trail is pretty obvious, but along the way, make sure to take time to soak up the scenery!

The hike ends at a small lake surrounded by tall pine trees. Elk love to swim in the lake, and while we’ve never seen them during a visit, we see their tracks all around the water. Our girls love collecting pinecones, catching ladybugs, and skipping stones in the water. I’ve heard rumors that there are snakes in the lake, but have never actually seen one (knock on wood!). Pack a picnic lunch and make an afternoon of it! If you visit during fall, there are aspens here that will be showing off their beautiful golden colors!

Click the map below for directions on how to get there. You won’t have cell service while you’re at the lake, so plan acoordingly! Happy exploring!

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