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The Strawberry Inn Presents: Father’s Day Shopping Guide for Every Dad!

Father’s Day is coming up quickly! It is on Sunday, June 18th this year. Don’t be caught empty handed. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes here to put together a fun shopping guide, plus some bonus Father’s Day goodies!

For guests staying over Father’s Day Weekend, we have a special limited-time gift option that you can add on to your reservation. For just $40, you’ll receive a leather patch hat and one of our iconic souvenir campfire mugs! The gift package will be waiting for you upon check-in – what a fun way to kick start a weekend of celebrating Dad!

Without further ado, here is our Strawberry Inn shopping guide for all of the amazing dads in your life!

Gifts for the dad who loves adventure

  1. Leather patch hat – perfect for keeping the rays off of his face while you’re all out on the trails!

  2. Strawberry Inn water bottle – It’s SO easy to get dehydrated when you’re up at higher elevation, so make sure you drink plenty of water. Our big 30 oz stainless water bottle is perfect!

Bonus activity idea: If the dad in your life who loves adventure manages to get away without kids, we recommend he spends a day doing a long hike! Donohue Trail begins at Pine Trailhead and is 6.3 miles out and back. I recommend going early in the morning or later in the afternoon.

Gifts for the dad who loves to relax

  1. Strawberry Inn sheets – the absolute perfect gift for the dad who loves to be cozy! He can enjoy the best night of sleep every single night.

  2. Campfire Mugs – who doesn’t love relaxing with a great cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa? You can add a pair of these mugs onto your reservation (OR take advantage of our special promo Father’s Day Weekend and snag a single mug + a leather patch hat).

  3. Logo wine glasses – Relaxing with a glass of vino: what could be more classic?! One of our most popular reservation add-ons is our Rosé and stemless logo glasses. Enjoy the rosé during your stay, and bring the glasses home with you to remind you of your stay.

Bonus activity idea: Bring your telescope and plan an evening of stargazing! Pine and Strawberry have ordinances that prevent light pollution, making for incredible opportunities to see the Milky Way like never before. Relax in one of the many outdoor areas with a glass of wine and see how many planets and constellations you can spot.

Gifts for the dad who loves family time

  1. Strawberry Inn gift certificate – For the dad who really just wants to spend time with all his best people, give him a gift certificate for a stay at The Strawberry Inn! He can plan a family getaway for everyone to enjoy.

Bonus activity idea: Family scavenger hunt! You’ll need to do a bit of prep for something like this, but everyone will have so much fun. If you do a quick google search for “Family Scavenger Hunt,” you should be able to find multiple options! Make a game out of it: the first family member (or team) to complete their list gets treated to dessert!

We can’t wait to celebrate all of the special dads in our lives. I hope all of you dads and father figures out there feel so loved and celebrated too! See you ‘berry soon.

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