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Bear Tracks on the Bearfoot Trail?

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

You probably know by now that there is no shortage of great hiking trails AND wildlife here in Rim Country. One of our local trails combines both! And bonus – this trail is one of the most lightly trafficked here in town. The trailhead is just ½ mile from the Inn. You could even walk there if you want!

The trail has a gradual incline, and is an out and back trail. It’s rated as moderate, and is dog-friendly (with leashed dogs, of course!). There are beautiful trees, stunning vistas as you climb higher, and lots of wildlife. Deer, elk, rabbits, and squirrels are a common sighting. But, the trail didn’t get the name “Bearfoot Trail” out of nowhere!

It’s no secret that black bears make their home here in Rim Country. Arizona Black Bears tend to be shy, curious, and intelligent. Their hibernation season is November through March, so you’d be unlikely to spot one in the wild right now. When they aren’t hibernating, Rim Country is a perfect home for them, as it provides resources for its habitat and favorite foods! While hiking, keep your eyes open for bear prints. They are easy to spot! A hind print is 6-7 inches long, with the 5 front toes clearly visible. A front print is 4-6.5 inches long.

We recommend checking with the forest service about bear sightings just to make sure there’s no cause for worry before you head out on the trail. It’s not common to see a bear up close, but it’s always smart to be prepared regardless. Tag us in your pictures when you head out to explore! We can’t wait to see!

(Photo Credit: Dan Berryman & AllTrails)

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