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A Griswold Family Christmas in Rim Country: Cutting Your Own Tree!

Updated: Nov 8, 2023


Russ Griswold: “Dad, this tree won’t fit in our back yard.”

Clark: “It’s not going in the yard, Russ. It’s going in the living room.”

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is a classic Christmas favorite in our house, and I suspect the same is true for many of you! We watch it every year (at least once), and while we’ve never experienced the joy of hiking for miles to cut down an inappropriately large Christmas Tree, normal sized pine trees can be found right here in Rim Country! It’s a fun family tradition, and one of our friends does it every year and shared her insights with us to pass along to you all.

The joy when you find THE TREE!

Thanks to Sara for sharing the inside scoop on making your tree cutting adventure run as smoothly as possible. Planning ahead is definitely the name of the game. Because the forest service seeks to protect the forest as much as possible, permits are limited. So, make sure you make plans soon so you don't miss out! Permits opened up on November 9th for Tonto National Forest (cutting can begin November 18th), and November 9th for Coconino National Forest (cutting can behin November 17th).

Don't forget to tag your tree with your permit!

Make it a fun family adventure! Come stay at the Inn, go choose your tree, and create some great new memories together (that hopefully don’t include any burnt-to-a-crisp turkey, or Christmas tree fires from Uncle Lewis’ cigar). Tag us in your pictures – we would love to see and share! Happy Holidays!

Time to take the tree home!

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