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Your New Favorite Mountain Lake

Updated: Feb 28

UPDATED Feb 2024

Are you looking for a new adventure? I know so many of our guests come to Strawberry to soak up nature and explore. A common question I get is about boating and kayaking. People want to know where they can go nearby to get out on the water. We’re very fortunate to have several lakes and streams nearby. One of our team members, Wendy, is an avid kayaker, and heads to Blue Ridge Reservoir on a weekly basis to clear her head and get close to nature. She’s always been our go-to resource for guest questions about Blue Ridge, so today, we’re sharing the inside scoop from her! Wendy loves kayaking so much, that she even has a tattoo showing her love for it – how fun is that?

View from the top before heading down to the boat launch

Blue Ridge Reservoir is a quick drive from The Strawberry Inn (about 30 miles). The last stretch is on a dirt road, but a regular car can navigate the road without issue as long as it is not muddy. Before you drive all the way down the canyon, stop at the top and enjoy the view from the scenic overlook. It’s incredible! There is a small brown sign that says ‘Blue Ridge Reservoir,’ which is where you can park to get to the boat launch. A heads up to parents of small children: the boat launch is quite steep and isn’t a place to play!

Photos by: Allison Waken

Stunning views all around.

When you launch your kayak, you can go left or right about 2 miles in either direction. No matter which way you go, expect an incredibly idyllic and scenic experience. Wendy says there’s even an eagle nest at the top of a big tree! If camping is your thing, you can even boat or kayak to secluded camp spots on the other side of the lake. They are only accessible by the water, making it an incredible getaway spot.

The most secluded campground in Rim Country. Only accessible by boat!

Don’t have a kayak? No worries! Wendy shared contact info for her favorite local kayak rental company! Happy Yak Rental: 928-326-1123

Thank you to Wendy for graciously sharing all of this info with us – we love our Strawberry Inn family. I love this that Wendy said about visiting Blue Ridge: “It is a beautiful place to kayak. You can really become one with yourself there!” If that doesn’t make you want to plan a visit to this local lake when you’re here for a getaway, I don’t know what would!

Wendy loving the lake life!

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