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Fivemile Lake - The Hidden Gem of Rim Country

Updated: Feb 19

Updated Feb 2024

Let’s talk hiking! Lucky for us, Coconino National Forest is just minutes away, with trails, lakes, and more just waiting for you! Today, we’re highlighting Fivemile Lake. It’s just 5 minutes north from the front steps of the Inn.

This little-known spot is right under our noses but easy to miss, so definitely use the directions linked below! FYI, there’s no signage from the road, though. Once you turn off the main road, park by the sign that says “Fivemile Lake.”

Park by the Fivemile Lake Sign

My father-in-law is an avid geocache enthusiast, and was the first to introduce us to this spot, as there’s a geocache right there! If you've never heard of geocaching, click this link for more info. You’ll have to use the Geocache app to find the actual treasure, though.

Geocache hunters

The lake has water levels that rise and fall through the year, and is more for ambience than for playing in the water. We love looking for animal tracks, listening to the frogs, catching lady bugs, geocaching, exploring on the two trails, and picnicking. There is loads of shade here, so you could easily spend a full afternoon relaxing and exploring!

Click on the map to see where it is, and plan your adventure.

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