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The Strawberry Inn: Now Offering Custom Hot Cocoa Experiences!

Earlier this fall, Carson and our girls went up to Strawberry with some other dads and daughters for an amazing father-daughter weekend. Once everyone got home, they all agreed that the highlight was the epic hot cocoa bar that Marina put together for them. After that weekend, we started thinking and dreaming, and decided to offer hot cocoa bar options for our guests too!

Read through the options below, and if it’s something that sounds good to you, reach out for pricing options and more details! With the weather as cold as it is right now, a hot cocoa bar is the absolute PERFECT option to round out your Strawberry Inn experience.

Option 1: Basic – 2 campfire mugs in your room. Bring your fave hot cocoa with you!

Option 2: Mid – 2 campfire mugs, disposable cups, enough gourmet cocoa for 6 people, and snacks for 6 people

Option 3: Deluxe – 2 campfire mugs, disposable cups, gourmet cocoa for 15-20 people, cocoa toppings (sprinkles, whipped cream, marshmallows), fresh fruit, and snacks.

Email us at to book your hot cocoa experience for your upcoming reservation!

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