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Carson's Father-Daughter Weekend in Strawberry

Today’s post is brought to you by Carson. Carson and four of his buddies recently did a weekend trip to Strawberry with their combined EIGHT daughters. They had the best time, so I asked Carson to do a quick write up about the trip so you all can use it as inspo for your own future getaways.


My friends and I had been talking about putting this trip together for a while, and we finally made it happen early this fall. It was a great group of dads, and all of the daughters loved it too. We all rolled into town on Friday evening, and started things off with a late dinner at everyone’s favorite restaurant: Old County Inn. Immediately, all of the girls got in a circle and started playing together. While we waited, some of the dads went into the Taproom to check out the live music. I cannot believe how much food we got! We had more than enough for dinner that night AND lunch the next day. Once we got to the cabin, we let the girls stay up far too late watching movies and playing games, while us dads hung out on the deck.

The next morning, we slowly got moving and made breakfast together. After that, we made our way to the Lower Park Yard for a fun hot cocoa setup that Marina put together. Marquette Mower met up with us there and took some really adorable pictures that I know we’ll all treasure! The girls drank an absurd amount of hot chocolate, but the memories are worth it. After a quick stop at Windmill Coffee, we went back to the house for some much needed naps (sugar crash, haha).

Saturday afternoon, the dads camped out in the family room to enjoy some great college football games. The girls all took turns hot tubbing and playing outside. After that, some of the group went for a hike at Tonto Natural Bridge. It was my first time to go all the way through and end the hike on the other side of the tunnel! It was amazing. A great day was topped off with an even better dinner: perfectly grilled steak. Delicious!

The weekend gave us a lot of bonding time as dads and for the daughters too. Old friendships were strengthened, and new friendships were forged. I already can’t wait for our second annual father-daughter trip. I highly recommend planning your own getaway like this. Click here to browse the larger accommodation options and book yours!

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