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LOCAL FAVORITE: Strawberry Lodge

Growing up, I used to go to The Strawberry Lodge with my family for dinner all the time. I have the best childhood memories from that time. I know locals and visitors alike have all sorely missed this spot too!

Ricky, the owner of The Strawberry Lodge, has become our friend within the community. He’s been working so hard to renovate the property, and has been doing an incredible job. The Lower Park Yard is right next to The Strawberry Lodge, and I always know when he’s working on a project because he has the absolute best taste in music, and I love to listen to it during the afternoon! He has built it out and brought it all up to code. He also built a really beautiful chapel on the property.

A few weeks ago, The Strawberry Lodge re-opened the restaurant, and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s definitely an elevated fine dining experience. The food is traditional Italian, and they have completely knocked it out of the park. Everything we had was phenomenal, but the caprese salad was next level. I don’t know what the secret is, but they have the most beautiful tomatoes and basil ever. If I could choose a last meal, that just might be it.

They are officially open for dinner Thursday-Sunday nights, 4pm-8pm. Reservations are STRONGLY recommended. Call 928-363-1735 to make your reservation. There is a small bar where drop in seating might be available, but if you’re looking for a special night out, I’d definitely plan ahead.

Since posting on Instagram about our night out there, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about the “kid-friendliness” of it, and I’ll be totally honest, it depends on your kiddos! Are girls are a little older now and loved dressing up and being part of the grown-up scene. It’s definitely more of a fine dining experience with no kids’ menu or entertainment, so if you’re worried about your kids ability to sit through the meal, it might be better saved as a kid-free date night!

Please join me in congratulating Ricky and Kim for all the love they poured into restoring this special place. We’re over the moon excited for you!

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