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Local Favorite - Pie Bar!

Yeeeep, that's right. The small town of Strawberry has their own pie & empanada shop. How did we of all towns get so lucky? Run, don't walk, to Pie Bar - located just across Highway 87 from The Strawberry Inn... and get ready for some of the most delicious treats you've ever had! Pie Bar opened in September 2020 and we can't remember life without it. This may sound dramatic, but once you taste an empanada you'll understand! It's easy as PIE to outline our 5 favorite things about this local spot. Read to find out!

(Photos by: Pie Bar & Samantha Capaldi)

#1: When you walk in to Pie Bar, you'll find an entire rack of empanadas in all kinds of fun flavors. They have their regular flavors that you'll find daily, but they also experiment and change the menu often. I love that I can pop in and find a new flavor to order and be surprised by! My personal favorite empanada flavor is the chicken pot pie and pineapple upside down cake. My girls love the lemon & panda (Oreo). Some of our other team members rave about the artichoke dip & their breakfast combinations called the "mountain man/woman/baby" - all with some variation of potatoes, eggs, sausage, and more! Delish. You'll have to go find your favorite!

(Photo by: Tiffany McGrath)

#2: It is SO close to The Strawberry Inn and all of our properties. You can see the iconic bright pink building from the main inn off of Highway 87. From our Lower & Upper park properties, you will have to walk just around the corner to find this spot! Be careful crossing and walking along the highway... these treats will surely be worth the jaunt.

#3: They have a soup of the day & amazing hot chocolate. We love walking in and seeing all of the amazing other options they offer as well! Their soup is delicious and warms our family up in the winter. We also sometimes get lucky when they have their hot chocolate for order... it is so rich and delicious - the perfect treat in the cooler months!

(Photos by: Tiffany McGrath & Ashley Swanson)

#4: The fun atmosphere. When you drive or walk up to Pie Bar, you instantly know you're about to have a fun experience. The bright pink vibe of the outside and their fun sign greet you right off the bat - you must snap a picture for the 'gram out front with the iconic sign! There's also lots of outdoor tables for you to hang around and enjoy your treats while enjoying the mountain air.

#5: They have a fun drink selection! You'll find all kinds of unique beverages to choose from - from pre-made cocktails to sodas, juices, and more.

As you can tell, this is a must-visit when in town or driving through! We're so excited for you to experience it!

-Amber & Carson

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