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LOCAL FAVORITE: Pine Lavender Farm

It’s time for another post in our series highlighting other small local businesses! Pine Creek Canyon Lavender Farm has been around for a few years now, and has become a favorite of locals and visitors alike. Here are a few reasons why we love them!

1. Unique attraction: We love that there’s a working lavender farm right here in town! It’s such a unique agricultural business. Did you know that there are only a handful of lavender farms throughout the state? With there being so few of them in Arizona, it’s pretty cool that one of them is right here! The farm opened shortly after we did, so we definitely feel a sort of kinship with them as they’ve grown along with us.

2. Private Events: Over the years, Terry has hosted amazing private classes on the farm! Currently, classes are on hiatus, but stay tuned for announcements of when they will resume. She teaches classes in the original kitchen from the original 1910 cabin. All of the classes incorporate lavender products in some way. There are canning classes, baking, and more. If the opportunity arises to participate in one of the classes, I highly recommend it! In fall 2021, we had the chance to attend a Cloth and Flame dinner at the farm as part of the “Makers Series” from the Arizona Office of Tourism. It was an incredible event!

3. Harvest Parties: Hands down, the annual harvest party is one of our favorite events of the summer. It’s a community event with food and treats, where we all work together to gather the fresh lavender! Some years, we have sunshine. Other years, we’ve worked in torrential downpour! Rain or shine, it’s always a memorable time.

4. The owners: Like I said above, the farm opened around the same time as the Inn, so we’ve always felt very kindred with Rick and Terry (the owners). They are fantastic people and we’re so proud to have them as part of our community, and as fellow small business owners.

5. The products: Apart from selling fresh lavender bundles (always a fave), the farm sells a huge variety of lavender products. From lotions, to cooking ingredients, to items for your house, there is so much to choose from. A few of our favorites: Lavender lotion bar, lavender sugar scrub, lavender infused honey, and lavender sachets. They also ship!

Farm hours:

Friday-Monday 10am-5pm

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