Blackberry Fields Forever

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Did you know that a variety of wild berries grow right here in Rim Country? It’s true! There are several berry varieties, but the most ubiquitous is blackberries! Patches can be found all over the place (including at The Strawberry Inn!), and peak ripeness is right around mid-August each year. Blackberry plants are easy to spot because of the extremely thorny branches, slightly fuzzy pointed leaves, and white flowers (before the berries form). One of our team members recently picked 4 whole quarts from a large local patch!

We actually have a few blackberry bushes on the Inn property, and always love harvesting the berries. Ever since we bought the Inn, picking blackberries together at the end of each summer has become a favorite tradition. Our kids have grown up picking and eating them by the handful, and it's so sweet (pun intended) to share them with our guests too!

If you plan to go pick blackberries, make sure you wear long sleeves, long pants, and gloves. The thorns on the bushes are extremely sharp, and even with all that protective clothing, don’t be surprised if you end up with a couple of little scrapes. If the blackberry patch you find seems like it may be on private property, make sure you get permission from the owner to pick!

Once you pick your berries, what then? There are so many options! Remember those four quarts of berries our team member picked? They made blackberry cobbler! You can also make smoothies, syrup, ice cream, or just eat the berries by the handful. And lastly, blackberry jam! A local friend, Kathy Hunt, has one of the town's oldest blackberry patches (it's over 100 years old!). She makes dozens and dozens of jars of jam every single year from the blackberries on her property. It’s a labor of love, and she will actually have the jars for sale this weekend at The Strawberry Patchers Unique Boutique.

When: Friday 8:30am-3pm and Saturday 8:30am-3pm

Where: 6375 Hardscrabble Road | Pine, Arizona

Hope to see you there!

Happy Picking, everybody!

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