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A Gourd Time at Schnepf Farms!

Earlier this month, our family was able to visit Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek, AZ to stay at The Cozy Peach (the facility's adorable trailer accommodations) and attend the farm's annual Pumpkin & Chili Party! We've ALWAYS wanted to visit, especially at this time of year and have heard so many wonderful things about it over the years. We were so excited not only to experience a fun festival, but also to stay in a vintage airstream trailer right on property and experience another boutique hotel getaway in Arizona. (In case you couldn't tell, this place is totally up our alley.)

The lovely individuals over at The Cozy Peach hosted us in adorable Trailer #6 "1950 Spartan Mansion." Our trailer was one of nine on property tucked away near a gorgeous field that made us feel like we were FAR away from the desert! This incredible spot started out as the owner's special place to host friends and visitors and has now grown into an adorable and unique hospitality project. We love what they have done!

When we arrived on property, Kylee, the property manager, was there to welcome us, show us around the airstream, and explain all of the amenities. During the whole stay, she was the most incredible host - making sure we had enough activities to do and ensuring our comfort during our quick one-night stay!

The trailer had a large sitting area, perfect for Carson and the girls to play a game of cards... it even had a mini fire place for the colder months! We'd never seen one like that before in an airstream. The whole look of the airstream was vintage and so quaint. There were bunk beds for the girls with built in closets across the way, a wet bath, and the "master" bed in the back! Outside, there was a private fire pit for us to use & we had a little set up of s'mores ready for us to indulge in after we got back from the pumpkin party.

Once we got our belongings all set up in the airstream, we headed over to the annual Pumpkin Chili Party they host on the farm. Just a 3-4 minute walk from our trailer to the front gates, we were so excited to see it all for the first time! We were so surprised when we walked in, there was so much to do! Carson & I felt like we were kids, too - playing games, exploring, and riding the various rides (included with the price of admission!) all night with the girls. Once we had exhausted ourselves with fun, we headed back to the trailer to enjoy some s'mores and relax by the fire.

As we tucked the girls into bed, we heard fireworks that were being shot off out in the field right next to the trailer park! It totally shocked us and caught us off guard, but once we peeked out of the trailer, it was such a memorable experience for our family. We watched in awe at the fireworks blasting off right overhead.

The next morning, we had breakfast delivered right to our front porch! Blueberry pancakes, delicious omelettes, and French toast with fresh whipped cream were amongst the tasty items we ate... it was the best way to start the day!

Before we headed home, Kylee was lovely enough to give us a tour of the working farm. We were in heaven as we got to feed all the adorable animals! There were deer, goats, chickens, and pigs. The pigs really loved to eat pumpkins! They must be big fans of the fall season, too.

All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and most definitely will be heading back for this event in the future - we are already planning a visit back for the Christmas at the Farm events in a couple of months!

Be sure to plan ahead to visit as Schnepf Farms does sell out closer to their large holiday events. Trust us, you won't want to miss it!

-Amber & Carson

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