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An Evening with Cloth & Flame at The Pine Lavender Farm

Many Arizonians and nature lovers across the world have heard about Cloth & Flame - an event company that specializes in high-end dining experiences in the middle of the desert or other gorgeous locations, while working to conserve these beautiful spots. You've probably seen photos of their work on social media - simple yet elegant table scapes with towering string lighting against an epic backdrop of mountains or other landscapes!

We were so excited when we heard Cloth & Flame was putting on a dinner event in Pine at our favorite little spot, Pine Creek Canyon Lavender Farm this fall in partnership with the Arizona Office of Tourism for their "Meet The Makers" series! We were ecstatic to be invited and couldn't wait to FINALLY attend one of these gorgeous events that we fawn over on Instagram! We were so happy to get to host some of our new friends over at C&F during their time in the area, as well!

The weather was gorgeous in Pine the night of the event (we were so relieved, because thunderstorms the week prior forced the event to be delayed one week!) But it was worth the wait - the perfect weather made the experience that much better. As we entered the Lavender Farm, there were simple seating arrangements and minimalistic decor - enough to add something special to the space, but let the surrounding nature speak for itself! We grabbed a crafted raspberry cocktail from the bar and saw many friendly faces from around town (Mike & Jessie of Old County Inn, Terry & Rick of the Pine Lavender Farm, Amanda & Jared of Pine Provisions) along with some of our own guests from the inn and our “insta” friends - it was so much fun to connect with the community!

When it was time to sit down for dinner, we all traversed through the lavender during dusk to find the most beautiful table setting! String lights illuminated the sky above, and everyone raised their glasses to good times and good friends while anxiously awaiting the delicious meal, prepared by Chef Mark Tarbell of Tarbell's in Phoenix. (If you've dined at his restaurant, you know how amazing he is!) Many of the food items were lavender-infused and the dinner was paired perfectly with local Arizona wines. YUM! It was truly a meal to remember.

My personal favorite part of the entire experience happened toward the end of dinner (as the sun was down and it was completely pitch black out.) Amongst laughter and conversation, everyone was surprised when the generator had a mishap and the power went out! We were all sitting in the dark with little visibility, which allowed for us to see the incredible slew of stars in the sky. (So thankful our area is amidst a "dark sky community!") The C&F staff passed out tea lights down the tables and it was just so magical. Even though it wasn't planned, it turned out to be my favorite part of the evening and I will never forget it!

All in all, we had such an incredible time enjoying this high-end dining experience and making new friends while spending time with old ones, too! We just love the Cloth & Flame team and all that they do - and we can't wait to spend time with them in the future! If you ever have a chance to attend one of their dinners, DO IT! We’ve got a few things up our sleeves, so stay tuned for more on when our new friends will be back to Strawberry again! Hope to see you ‘berry soon, - Carson & Amber

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