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Sun Valley, ID: City of Love

We recently celebrated 10 amazing years of marriage! It’s crazy to look back and see how much has happened in the last decade for our little family. We had originally planned on going to Greece to mark the occasion, but obviously that wasn’t happening! So, we did the next best thing, Idaho! It might not be the first spot you think of when you think “romantic getaway,” but we seriously had the BEST time. Read ahead for all the info on where we stayed, where we ate, and our favorite activities.

Where we stayed:

We stayed at the Limelight Hotel. It is in Ketchum, ID, which is just outside of Sun Valley. There is a great little downtown area where we were able to go to shops, a brewery (Warfield Distillery), the iconic Starbucks where everyone snaps a pic, and even a local museum. The hotel has so many amazing amenities, and is beautiful inside and out! Ketchum is very easy to get around on bike or on foot, so the hotel actually rents out bikes for guests to use! There is also an on-site music venue (we LOVE live music!).

Where we ate:

The Pioneer – A MUST! It’s an old spot with tons of history! For a long time, it was actually an illegal casino. These days, it’s a family owned and operated spot that attracts locals and visitors, and even a celebrity or two (we’ve heard Clint Eastwood is a regular). I loved the old movie posters and nostalgic cowboy décor. We got the artichokes and prime rib, and it was phenomenal!

Brunch at Konditorei at the Sun Valley Lodge. We loved our meal and visiting all the little shops around the area. It’s like a mini swiss village up there, and there are fun concerts in the outdoor amphitheater during the summer!

Dinner at Duchin Lounge – it’s a piano bar! They have regular live jazz music in a beautiful setting overlooking an ice rink! Seriously so romantic! We were even able to take a peek down at the bowling alley under the hotel. We definitely plan to hit the lanes on our next trip!

Favorite Activities:

Our hotel had a test drive option for Audi, so we took the car for an afternoon and did a scenic drive past the Sawtooth Mountains, and tracked down a natural hot spring called Boat Box Hot Springs! The water literally flows right out of the side of the mountain, and someone set up a steel tub to catch the water. It’s hovering right over the ice cold river, SO incredible and romantic.

On a whim, we decided to get a guide and try our hand at fly fishing. We ended up spending 10 hours out on the water, catching tons of fish and drinking champagne to celebrate our 10 years. The guide shop had absolutely everything we needed, and even picked up lunch for us. It was a blast and now we’re totally “hooked” on fly fishing!!

There was still so much more to see and do. The lifts were closed because in April, when we visited, there was a lot of snow melt. So, we can’t wait to go back again for some skiing! It’s officially one of our new favorite places.

We’ll be back soon, Idaho!

-Carson & Amber

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