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A Dazzling Evening at the Desert Botanical Garden

If you've ever been to the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, then you know it is a miraculous place filled with beauty and fun. It's hard to imagine that the normal DBG experience could be topped, but each year the facility amps up the beauty and hosts a Las Noches De Las Luminarias event in December. Our family loves to visit for this event each year - and this year was extra special as we were able to attend on the members-only opening night!

(Photo credit: Desert Botanical Garden)

I brought my mom and two girls this year and we strolled through the lit-up trails sipping hot cocoa and admiring all of the sculptures. We had so much fun! We went on an evening with a new moon, so it was extra dark out and such a cool contrast against the special lighting effects and glass sculptures.

Did you know the garden staff lights 8,000 luminaria bags by hand every year? They truly make the experience so very magical and unique in every way. You'll want to add this event into your mix of holiday activities this year!

(Photo credit: Desert Botanical Garden)

This special exhibit runs on select dates from December 3rd - 31st from 5:30pm-9:30pm. Guests experience thousands of hand-lit luminarias throughout the gardens as well as live music performances (of all genres and types, we thought the all-female mariachi band was really cool!) and other entertainment like photo booths! This year is their 44th year running this iconic event and they even added in an additional exhibit called the Chihuly in the Desert exhibition.

Other special features include their Silent Night at Luminaria event on Tuesday, December 21st. On this special night (Winter Solstice), guests can walk the pathways of the garden lit by luminarias as a practice of self-reflection and rejuvenation. (There will be no live or recorded music this evening to respect the silence!)

For more details and information on how to purchase tickets, visit the Desert Botanical Garden website.

(Photo credit: Desert Botanical Garden)

I know you'll enjoy it as much as we did!


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