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Art aFlame Event in Strawberry

On May 1st at the lot just below Piebar right here in Strawberry, there will be an amazing Art aFLAME event that you do not want to miss! I have two words for you: FLAME THROWING! Now that I have your attention, read on for the details!

Piebar is hosting this event to raise money for Arizona Wildfire Prevention, featuring multiple fire art performance artists. I have been assured that the individuals are professionals and take safety importantly. From 4-10pm on May 1st, you can expect to experience food, music, vendors, art, cars, and performance artists all coming together for the cause.

In the Rim Country community, we know how dry the forest has been for the last year, but it’s important to bring awareness to people outside of the area! Many fires are started due to human behavior, and knowing how to do your part to keep the community safe goes a long way.

Piebar is just across the street from The Strawberry Inn, so you can easily walk from your room to the event, or head down along the creek if you're staying at one of our cottages. Looking forward to an exciting weekend with this first annual event- let us know if you attend!

See you 'berry soon!

-Carson and Amber

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