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Local Favorite: The Honey Stand

Updated: Feb 28

One of the most iconic places in our sweet little town can be seen right as you roll into town on Highway 87. It’s the ideal spot to stop for snacks, souvenirs, a quick energy boost after a hike, and more! The Honey Stand is a must-visit roadside shop. You can find multiple varieties and flavors of honey, as well as bee pollen, granulated honey, and more. Other treats and goodies include granola, salsa, condiments, candy, jams, jellies, and of course: honey sticks! Our girls never leave without a couple in fun and unique flavors.

The Honey Stand is one of the oldest buildings in Pine. At one point, it was the local post office. Years later, it was a gas station and roadside stop. However, since 1980, it has been the iconic family-owned Honey Stand. When the stand first opened, it was just outside in the summer. These days, the shop is open year-round, with goodies found inside and outside.

I promise it will quickly become your favorite small-town stop. Like many small-town stops, the hours can vary, so be sure to check their website and Facebook page for up-to-date hours of operation. If you’ve never had raw, local honey, try it! It’s amazing!

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