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The Sweetest Little Library in Strawberry

Updated: Feb 19

UPDATED Feb 2024

Since day 1 of renovating the Inn, I’ve had a vision of a Little Free Library out front (you’ve probably seen them in your town – in front of houses, coffee shops, boutiques, etc.). I just love the idea of passing on favorite books, and grabbing a fresh one to learn something new. Earlier this year, my dream finally came true! We partnered with our close friends Jerrod and Kelsey to bring the vision to life of a Little Free Strawberry Library!

Jerrod & Kelsey knocked this design out of the park!

Our guests are loving it just as much as we are. We often find them curled up on the porch swing or rocking chair getting lost in a good book. Before we finished the project, I had been setting books aside from our own family to put in the library. When we announced that it was open for donations, it was completely overflowing by the second day! I was blown away. People in the community and visiting guests were so excited and eager to contribute.

Our girls are learning what it means to be a steward of the Little Free Library, and they are making great librarians! They also love to share their own books – we’ve built up a great selection of children’s books: board books, to chapter books, all the way up to young readers!

The cutest little librarians

One of the biggest highlights since adding the Library – we’ve had several authors get on board who donated signed copies of their own books! If you’re an author, and would like to have your book featured, we’d love to receive a copy! You can mail it to me at the Inn, and I’ll share about it online.

Maybe you’ve read through all this, and you find yourself thinking “Okay, but what exactly is a Little Free Library?” Click here to read all about the project!

Next time you come to visit, or drive through Strawberry, bring a book with you to donate, and grab one to take home that piques your interest! Friends in the community, you’re welcome to drop by anytime to bring a book or check one out to read, too.

Happy reading, friends!

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