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A Look Back: The Little Free Library 2020 Round-Up!

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Click here to read the history of our Little Free Library at The Strawberry Inn!

If you know Carson and I personally, you know we are both huge book-lovers (ahem, book hoarders). We love to be constantly learning and be inspired by stories. Since launching the Little Free Library, it seems many of you are bibliophiles too! I always love seeing what new titles are in the library. We have a great mix of children’s books, young adult, fiction, and non-fiction titles for people to choose from. There’s always something for everybody!

We have been so blessed to have several local authors share their published works with us (and you all!). During 2020, we had multiple authors mail or hand deliver copies of their books specifically for us to put in the Little Free Library. We’re sharing a handful here! If you’re an author we’d love to promote your book too! You can email us or DM us on social media – we can’t wait to hear from you.

So, here’s a quick recap of a handful of the books we received direct from the authors during 2020:

“Amy Carney talks straight about the problems parents face when it comes to raising a child in today’s complicated world. and then shares practical advice, solutions and strategies on how to better connect family values with your behaviors, attitudes, and decisions while simultaneously preparing your son or daughter for adulthood.”

“When Ashley LeMieux and her husband lost their children in an adoption battle, it sent her into a tailspin that, ultimately, taught Ashley how to soar. Most people live with constant fears, burdens, and pains that they try to hide from themselves or others. In Born to Shine, Ashley shares a message of hope for women brave enough to admit that everything is not okay. Because the truth is that even when life is in ruins, people can still shine.”

“Long, long ago, when dinosaurs walked the earth, two unlikely friends – Martin the mushroom and Geo the geode – meet. Soon they embark on a fantastic journey. They discover anything can be an adventure, that mushrooms can live forever, volcanoes bring friends together, and someday a pile of stinky dinosaur poop can become a sought-after treasure.”

Based on earth’s geological history, Martin the Mushroom escorts your child through an educational journey from the Jurassic period to today. Your child learns about dinosaurs and diet, geology and gemstones, fossils and friendship, and best of all, confidence and the importance of communication.”

Haily Meyers & Kevin Meyers: I Love the Mountains "Take a walk in the mountains and sing this rollicking song, whether for you it’s a beloved campfire tradition or a brand new rhyme. Little ones will love the bouncing melody and the Meyers’ adorable illustrations, and parents will love the nostalgia of simpler times and summer camp songs."

Haily and Kevin Meyers are the husband and wife team behind the dazzling boutique baby product line―Lucy Darling ( Haily's design work can be seen on their unique monthly sticker designs, nursery art prints, baby memory books, and multiple baby products. Their work has been featured in Pregnancy and Newborn magazine, Red Tricycle, Babiekins Magazine, Cool Mom Picks, KIWI magazine, Mollie Makes magazine, Fresh Style magazine, Mom Trends, HGTV Canada, and specialty baby shops worldwide. They live in Scottsdale, Arizona.

We can’t wait to read more great books during 2021!

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