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Strawberry Summer Recap

Summer is coming to an end already. I’ve been busy shopping for the girls’ school supplies, planning out fall activities, and gearing up for everything that comes along with school being back in session. It’s been such an incredible summer. In addition to a few family trips out of state, we made so many wonderful memories right here in town. Today, I’m counting down our family’s favorite moments of our Strawberry Summer.

1) Vacation Bible School at The Strawberry Chapel. For the first time in many decades, The Strawberry Chapel hosted a VBS! We eagerly signed the girls up for it, and they ended up having the absolute best time. Our very own Dan Berryman (of Windmill Coffee) is the pastor of the church. Dozens of kids turned out for the week. The entire church was transformed into a medieval castle, complete with staff and volunteers in costume! The kids all learned so much. VBS is something that has always been important to our family. Next summer, we will be sure to share the dates of VBS so that you can plan in advance and join us!

2) Water Wheel Falls. I think we may have set a record this summer for how many times we hiked this spot! It is really a perfect spot to cool off on a summer day. I loved when we would bump into guests here, too. The girls always spotted tadpoles, crawdads, and other creatures. We’re going to feel a bit sad when the weather turns too cold to go play in the water!

3) New spots in town. We love seeing our community grow! Two new spots opened up this summer, and you should definitely put them on your list to check out! The first spot: Pine Provisions and Bottle Shop! We were able to check it out for the grand opening. They have an amazing selection of beer and wine in addition to great tasting food choices! Second, Life is Sweets Café at the new Lodge at 5600. The array of delicious bakery treats is amazing! You won’t go home disappointed.

Of course, there were so many other amazing moments this summer, and this just barely scratches the surface. As we head into Autumn, I am looking forward to the leaves changing color, the crisp fall air, and cozy nights. I get asked all the time “When is the best time of year to visit Strawberry?,” and I truly can never choose. Each season is so unique and special to me! All I know is that whenever you come visit, you’ll create your own lasting memories too!

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