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Strawberry Hospitality in Scottsdale

As you know, The Strawberry Inn is tucked away in the mountains in a very small, quaint town. It's the perfect spot for getting away without spending hours on a plane or in the car. One of my favorite ways to reinforce this feeling of actually getting away is to serve our guests invisibly. Instead of having a check-in desk, you can just walk up to your room, cottage, cabin, or Airstream like it’s your own getaway in the woods. In fact, some of our guests’ children talk about The Strawberry Inn like it’s their second cabin, and we love that! The idea of serving invisibly didn’t start with The Strawberry Inn… Did you know that even before owning the Inn, we were in the hospitality industry in Scottsdale? It’s true! We had heard murmurs in the real estate world about vacation rentals years ago, and the idea totally called to us!

Every year or two, we would find a great deal on a property (seriously, Carson is AMAZING with finding deals), and add it to a growing list of vacation rentals. Our goal was always to provide an incredible space for guests. A place where families would feel at home. Friends would make memories together. And design and customer service that would have guests choosing to come back year after year. We now own 10 vacation rentals in Scottsdale that are all designed to house large families, groups of friends, or other groups. Our guests join us for everything from bachelorette parties, to family reunions, to milestone birthdays and everything in between.

The knowledge we gained as a result of owning vacation rentals helped us provide a better experience to our guests when we launched The Strawberry Inn in 2016. We saw how we were able to provide experiences to our guests, even without being in the same physical space. Because the less you think about us - and the logistics of your stay - the more you can enjoy your time away. The fun part is, we share ideas back and forth between Scottsdale and Strawberry, so that your experience gets even better with time. The same elements of fun design moments, incredibly comfortable beds, cleanliness, and little touches in each property are at the core of the Inn and the vacation rentals.

If you need an amazing vacation rental in Scottsdale for your friends, family, or for yourself, we’ve got you covered. Check them all out here! We can’t wait to host you, and give you the same amazing experience that you’ve come to expect from us over the years.

-Carson & Amber

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