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Saying "Adieu" to our Family Airstream

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

It’s time for a story! You all know we’ve been working hard on the airstreams to launch for guests. They’re coming along really nicely, but that’s a different story for a different day. When we first started the Airstream project (all the way back in 2019 – wow, that feels so far away now!), we came upon an ADORABLE 22’ Christopher Dean Limited Edition model. It was too small for what we were envisioning for rentals, but we immediately fell in love with it for our own little family of 4. We loved the idea of hitting the road for adventure as a family! So, we bought the world’s most adorable Airstream and set to work renovating it.

We wanted to preserve the factory finishes as much as possible, but there were definitely a few changes that needed to happen! The original style was incredible, but the color scheme? Not so much. It was lime green and orange! I really wanted to neutralize the color palette and make the space more functional for a family.

Side note – we did a lot of the work ourselves in our own backyard. We called in an Airstream expert for things that were above our pay grade, though!

The original Airstream had a dinette and desk area. It made the space basically unusable, so we took that out and replaced it with a large L-Shape sectional that doubled as a perfect sleeping space for our girls. In the kitchen, I took out the full range that used to be there. Because, let’s be real, who’s baking while on an adventure?! Definitely not me! In its place, I added a two-burner cooktop and a microwave. You can see the before and after photos of both spaces up above!

We also built a bigger bed platform (upgraded from a full to a queen), with TONS of storage under the bed – perfect for all of your adventure gear. In the bedroom, there’s a 32” smart TV too! The entire unit is equipped with a blue tooth sound system. We love playing our favorite vacation Spotify playlists. We’ve taken the Airstream on some really fun family adventures that we will remember forever!

So, why am I telling you all about renovating our family’s airstream? Well, it’s time to bid it farewell and send it off to another happy home. You can see the full set of photos by scrolling through below. We know there’s a perfect couple/family out there who is ready to hit the road for adventures in this adorable Airstream!

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