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Revisiting Schnepf Farms for Fall Fun

Back in 2021, we had the chance to visit Schnepf Farms for their annual Pumpkin & Chili Party and we had SO much fun! Click here for the post we wrote after that visit.

We were THRILLED to be able to go back again this year! The Pumpkin and Chili Party is happening for another few days, so make a plan to head there before the month ends. Otherwise, I suggest going again at Christmas!

Photo credit: Janelle Van Ness Photography

The lovely individuals over at The Cozy Peach hosted us in adorable Trailer #6 "1971 Airstream Land Yacht." You all know how much we love Airtreams, so it was an absolute blast staying in one at another boutique property. I loved the vintage vibes, and the location of the glampers makes you feel like you’re in your own little world. We love what they have done!

During the Pumpkin and Chili Party, we tried to do as much as possible. We rode rides, the girls did a bottle candle wax craft, we ate a delicious BBQ dinner, listened to live music, and went on a hayride to the cornfield maze. We rode their gravity coaster, which was SO cool! It’s one of the oldest operating steel coasters in the world, and was built in the 50s. They only bring it out during the Pumpkin and Chili Party, so if you’re the kind of person who likes to say “I’ve done that!”, make sure you go visit soon!

We took advantage of the beautiful scenery and did family pictures while we were there too. There were so many gorgeous spots to choose from, and I’m SO thrilled with the result. I’m saving some of them for Christmas cards, but I can’t wait to share them all eventually. I can't believe how much more grown-up my girls are looking when I compared these pictures with the ones from just two short years ago! Time truly does fly by.

All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and most definitely will be heading back for Round Three in the future, and we are already planning a visit back for the Christmas at the Farm events in a couple of months!

Be sure to plan ahead to visit, as Schnepf Farms does sell out closer to their large holiday events. Trust us, you won't want to miss it!

-Amber & Carson

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