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Property Feature: The Airstreams

As you probably know by now, we have a beautiful collection of vintage Airstream campers that have been fully renovated and are available for guests to use. We spent 2 years designing and renovating them to preserve the vintage charm, but add modern and luxurious finishes. Each of the Airstreams is a little bit different, so here’s a quick rundown of each so that you can choose which one is best for you when you come stay!

A quick note: the occupancy limits for the Airstreams have strict limits of 3 guests each. And while we do allow dogs in many of our lodging options, they are NOT allowed in the Airstreams.

In Airstreams 1-3, when you walk through the silver front door, the queen bed is to your right. You’ll experience the comfy mattress and bedding that you’ve come to expect from all of our lodging options over the years. On your left, there is a galley kitchen with a mini fridge, microwave, sink, Keurig, and breakfast bar. The kitchen is not set up for major cooking, so plan to bring ready to eat food, or eat out at one of the many amazing restaurants in town (or get takeout!).

Just past the galley kitchen, there is a couch/daybed. It’s perfect for lounging and watching movies, and turns into a cozy spot for a 3rd person to sleep when the sun goes down. Once you head all the way to the back of the Airstream, there is a bathroom with a shower, sink, and toilet. With it being a vintage Airstream, nearly everything is wide open, and that includes the bathroom - just so you're not surprised when you get there and discover no door between the bathroom and the rest of the space.

Airstream 4 is what we’ve dubbed “The Honeymoon Suite.” You’ll find it on our website as the Premium Airstream. The layout is slightly different than the others. When you walk in, to your right, there is a family room with a couch that folds into a sleeper with room for 1 guest. There is also a little desk space in case you need to get a little work done while you’re here! To the left is the galley kitchen. It includes a mini fridge, sink, microwave, and Keurig. As you continue towards the back, you’ll pass a bathroom on your left with a shower, toilet, and sink. At the very back of the Airstream is a private bedroom with a luxurious queen bed. Surrounding the bed are the iconic Airstream windows, giving you epic views of the forest as you wake up in the morning.

Airstream 4 is the only one that is completely private, with a fenced in outdoor space. The space includes a deck, picnic table, and a hot tub! No matter the weather, a soak in the hot tub under the stars is always so romantic and relaxing!

If you haven’t booked a stay in the Airstreams yet, what’s stopping you? Click the link and start planning your glamping getaway!

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