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How to Get Your Own Strawberry Inn Sheets!

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Back in 2016 when we first considered purchasing the inn (prior to closing the deal), we visited and discovered it featured some of the most uncomfortable beds we had ever laid on! In fact, the entire set up was so bad that we couldn’t even make it through the night and packed up to head home before midnight- but that’s a story for another time…

When we set out to design the inn’s interiors, it was important that we create sleeping spaces where guests could rest after a day of experiencing the beauty of the mountains. From the mattresses to the pillowcases, no detail left to chance! Since then, questions about our beds and bedding have been some of the most frequently asked over the years, making it fitting to for us to finally fill you all in on how to experience the sweetest sleep, even when you’re not at the inn!

We have always happily shared with guests that the mattresses are from local Arizona-based Tuft & Needle. The company makes an amazing, consistent product, and we have had nothing but glowing reviews from guests. We’re so excited that we are now officially partnering with Tuft & Needle through their affiliate program, and we love that you can purchase a mattress from them and have it shipped nearly anywhere in the country! They have shared a direct link with us so you can purchase your bed and re-create the best night of sleep every night in your own home- here!

But a great mattress isn’t the end of the story- we also sourced luxurious sheets, soft and lightweight, but with the quality to stand up to the day-in-day-out washings at the inn. Our sheets stand the test of time and have earned many a five-star review from guests. Demand was so strong that we began to offer them for sale. Wrapped in a soft blush pink drawstring, they’re available to take as a new package home, or have them shipped after your stay. Sheet sets include a fitted and flat sheet and two pillowcases, always in classic bright white, with queen and king available for $75 plus shipping. We’re so confident you’ll love them, that there’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Purchase your very own set here!

So, now you have the inside scoop. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner; order that mattress, contact us for a set of sheets, and get ready for a sweet night of sleep!

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