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Spring Break for Kids of All Ages

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Updated February 2023

I feel like we just put away the holiday decorations, and yet here we are making Spring Break plans already! A road trip to Strawberry should definitely be top of your vacation options. No matter what ages your kids are, there’s truly something for everyone to enjoy (yes, even the moody teenager might crack a smile here and there!).

First off, where to stay? Depending on the size of your family, I recommend one of the tiny cottages, The Guest House, The Bungalow, The Creek Cabin, or The Bunkhouse. Booking one of the larger options will give everyone space to spread out, and you’ll have the option of cooking some/all of your meals right there. If you have questions about which option would be best for your family, give us a call!

Babies/Toddlers/Young Children:

Little kids benefit so much from getting out in nature, and Pine & Strawberry have that in abundance! Go hike the Pine-Strawberry Trail, and take your time! Search for different leaves, look for animals like squirrels, bugs and lizards, and maybe even an elk (bring some binoculars to help)! After your nature walk, play yard games at the Inn. Bonus – you can stay close to your home base to make it easy to stay on schedules for those of you with nappers. Last suggestion: make sure you stop for ice cream treats at Pine Creek Fudge! What kid doesn’t love a special dessert?!

Elementary Age Kids:

Visit the Tonto Natural Bridge! It’s a great real-life geology lesson. Visit the on-site museum, and have your kids take turns reading all the trail signs aloud. End your visit with a picnic! There are some really great spots to sit and enjoy your meal, and your kids can explore a bit more while the grown ups relax. Next, grab a meal at THAT Brewery. They have outdoor games like sand volleyball and horseshoes that your kids will love playing! Bonus – mom and dad can sit and hang together while the kids play! Finally, visit the historic Strawberry Schoolhouse for a photo opp. Poll your kids and see what they would think about going to school in a one-room schoolhouse like that!


Take the kids shopping at the local shops! Even if they aren’t into antiques, I guarantee they will get a kick out of some of the unique items that can be found in the local stores. Here’s a fun idea: have them leave their phones back at the Inn, give them each $10, and see who can find the most unique treasure to take home as a souvenir! Several of the shops have really neat locally made items too. Next, rent e-bikes from The Rusty Pine Cone and cruise through the neighborhoods as a family. Finally, I think we all know that pizza is the way to a teenager’s heart, am I right?! Head to Old County Inn for live music and great food on the patio.

Bonus idea: If you want to do a harder hike as a family, do several miles of the Pine Trailhead. Research the history together as a family before you go! It’s part of the Arizona Trail. Who knows, maybe it will inspire your teen to take up a new hobby!

We can’t wait to host you and your family for spring break! Head to our website to book now before we sell out. See you ‘berry soon!

-Carson & Amber

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