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Click Here for your Ultimate Strawberry Itinerary!

For a quiet, mountain town in Arizona, there are a surprising amount of options for things to do! So much so, that it can be a little overwhelming for some. I’ve got you covered! If you’ve followed us on Instagram for any amount of time, you’ve likely seen our sample itineraries. Today’s blog post expands on those. Scroll down for several different itineraries broken up into themes!

For the Midweek Traveler:

It’s not uncommon for businesses in small towns to close at least one day Monday-Friday. In case you’re worried that will limit the possibilities of how to spend your time, don’t! Check out our suggestions:

For the Nature Lover:

Being in the mountains, we are literally surrounded by beautiful nature. Lakes, forests, hikes of all sorts, and more. Where to start? Here’s my ideas:

For the Foodie:

Pine has a population of fewer than 2,000 people. Strawberry has just 946 people. Somehow, in these tiny little towns, we’ve managed to become a bit of a food destination. There is no shortage of incredible restaurants. Our suggestions are by no means exhaustive, but should definitely get you started on a delicious getaway:

For the Romantics:

Is there anything better than getting away with your favorite special someone? Reconnect with one another on a mountain vacation!

For the Family:

We’re all so busy with the day to day of life’s busyness. Getting away as a family is the perfect way to re-center yourselves as a unit. We’re a bit partial to this one, as we have been enjoying Strawberry with our own kids for many years. Check it out:

For the Friends:

Last but not least, taking time away with a few of your besties is a great way to create lasting memories together! Some of my favorite times with girlfriends have been right here! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Which is your favorite? What type of getaway will be next on your list? Our 2022 reservation calendar is open, so it’s the perfect time to go ahead and book multiple getaways so you can soak up all that Pine and Strawberry have to offer! Click the link to book now, and we will see you ‘berry soon!

-Carson & Amber

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1 Comment

Chrissy Hernandez
Chrissy Hernandez
Dec 07, 2021

I just booked a trip for me and my husband for his Birthday, and this really helped me figure out places for us to eat and things for us to do!

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