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What's New with Windmill Coffee?

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Guest Post: By Marina Berryman (The Strawberry Inn Property Manager)

When Dan and I moved to Strawberry, AZ nearly 2 years ago, we dreamed of opening a family-run, world-class coffee shop. Our adult children have been behind the scenes, stepping in as guest baristas as much as possible and continuing to expand our vision for serving world-class coffee.

We are excited to announce that we will be launching Windmill Coffee Roasters on April 4th! WCR will feature small-batch coffee, proudly hand-roasted at Windmill Coffee! We plan to hold coffee “tastings” monthly on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Windmill Coffee will be available for purchase online along with unique merchandise!

In more family-related news, Dan recently accepted the position of Pastor at Strawberry Chapel, a local non-denominational church in town! He is still very much involved in the daily operations of the Windmill... you can still call him "Dan the windmill man,""Pastor Dan,"or just "Dan." He loves being able to continue to greet and serve our guests every morning (except Sunday)!

In case you were wondering, our Strawberry Mochas, Coconut Mochas, and Peanut Butter Mochas continue to be our most popular beverages along with our Oatmilk Lattes and Strawberry Italian Sodas! We are currently experimenting with a Mojito Italian Soda, a Strawberry Rhubarb Fizz, and a Peach/Raspberry Lemonade! We are loving working together with our tasting team to bring a creative, delicious, world-class beverage experience to our Windmill guests!

See you soon out front of the Inn!

-Marina & Dan

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