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Local Favorite - The Randall House!

It’s time to share another one of our favorite local spots! The Randall House in Pine is one of our favorite places for breakfast and lunch. We love to bring family and friends there when they visit. Sitting outside when the weather is nice and just enjoying the ambiance is wonderful. The patio has some massive, beautiful pine trees. The girls love to play under them; the heavy branches drape all the way to the ground, creating a natural canopy of greenery. It’s really amazing! But the real star of the show is the food!

For breakfast, I can’t say that I’ve ever disliked what I ordered. My personal stand-bys are the ham scramble, French toast, and blueberry multigrain pancakes. The French toast is probably the best I’ve ever had! Pair your breakfast with a caramel cream latte – trust me, you won’t regret it!

For lunch, the grilled ham and cheese is amazing. You’d think that improving on such a classic sandwich would be tough to do, but it is beyond delicious and you’ll be savoring every last bite. The Southwest burger and the smokey BBQ burger are both phenomenal too! To drink, I recommend any of the house made sodas. My personal favorite is strawberry (obviously), but they’re all really good!

While you’re on the property, make sure you wander around the side to see the little pond and explore the historic buildings on site. The original local library building is there. It’s really neat to peek into the windows! The Randall House building started as a two room log cabin built in 1881, which is what makes up the entryway today. The restaurant lives on as a legacy of the family who originally built it, and continues to be owned and operated by their descendants. Pretty amazing!

Make sure you stop in during your next visit. Inside the restaurant you can also find lots of locally made items for purchase including art, jams, tea, pottery, and more. There is a huge selection of toys for kids, too. Stay tuned for our next local business highlight!

'Til next time,

-Carson & Amber

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