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LOCAL FAVORITE: Pinewood Tavern

First, a bit of history. Pinewood Tavern existed as Sidewinders Bar and Grill for many years. It was such a staple that the current owners of Pinewood Tavern actually had their wedding reception there back in the day (any of you remember this!?). The current owners have done a great job at creating something new, while also making Pinewood Tavern feel like it’s always been a part of the community.

On the weekends, enjoy live music and country dancing, plus brunch in the mornings! We love the dog-friendly outdoor patio, and all of the fun décor. The girls always love checking out the original English-style phone booth. When they first opened, we added $1 bills to the wall with our kids names on them – see if you can find them! No small mountain town restaurant would be complete without some stuffed and mounted animals, and Pinewood Tavern is no exception. Although… there’s one particular taxidermy that no one can quite figure out what kind of animal it is. Go see for yourself and report back with what you think it might be!

Now, onto the most important thing: food! My girls love the fish and chips and order it every single time, despite me begging them to try new things, haha! I love the cobb salad, and Carson loves the cowboy burger. You really need to get an order of the bacon and eggs – it’s an amazing appetizer! For drinks, the Paloma is fantastic, especially on a warm summer day.

Pinewood Tavern is open Thursday-Monday from 11-8pm (9pm on Fridays and Saturdays). Make sure to plan to grab lunch or dinner here during your visit.

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