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Horsin' Around in Pine

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

We posted a couple months back on Instagram about our kids taking horseback riding lessons in Pine and got so many of you reaching out to us interested in having your families take part in it, too!

I took horseback riding lessons as a little girl and always loved it so much. I wanted my two girls to experience it as well so that they are comfortable whenever they get the chance to ride horseback! We've known the instructor, Myndi, for many many years and she is near and dear to our hearts. She's a very accomplished rider in both rodeo & trick riding and has trained horses in the area for quite some time. She's a genuine cowgirl through and through! It was an obvious no-brainer when thinking of the perfect place for my girls to experience this activity.

The lessons with Myndi are "saddle up," so it starts with walking out the horse, then brushing them, cleaning the shoes, and putting on the saddle. After the riding lesson is complete, the participants brush the horse down again, clean up, and put away the saddle. This style of lesson helps you learn how to care for the horses, which is super important to us - it also builds trust and respect between the animal and the rider!

During the riding portion of the lesson, Myndi helped the girls work on communicating with the horse. They learned how to stop and start and to have good balance in the saddle... and their lessons moving forward will build from there!

Myndi's facility is located right in Pine, just a 5 minute drive from The Strawberry Inn. If you are interested in taking part in a lesson, contact Myndi Brogdon at 928.951.0316. She's also on Instagram @myndibrogdon!

'Til next time,

- Carson & Amber

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