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Fiddles and Fresh Air!

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Ever since COVID hit, one of the things I’ve missed the most is live music! My husband and I have always loved going to concerts together and with friends. I don’t know if I’ve been living under a rock, but I had actually never heard of this local event until this year. Fiddle Fest is held each year in Payson, and this year is actually the 50th annual event! I found the flyer in a shop, and knew I needed to know more. An outdoor music festival seemed like the perfect opportunity to get out in the fresh mountain air and enjoy live music.

At the festival, you can expect to see a fiddle competition (including a category for kids as young as 3! How cute!), fiddle workshops, performances by world renowned players, and more. It’s a multi day event, and BONUS – admission is free! Click the link for more info!

One of the performance groups highlighted on the event page is a duo called The Purple Hulls. They are talented twin sisters who play the fiddle, and apparently have an affinity for airstreams like we do! From their bio: “Banjo, mandolin, guitar, piano, accordion, stand-up bass, and maybe even a fiddle at times—while the band’s variety of stripped-down acoustic instrumentation is one you don’t often find in a configuration of its size, the skill and energy at which it is executed may have you astounded at the fullness of its sound. If you’re looking for authentic acoustic driven music delivered at its best, the buck stops here, and the Purple Hulls more than thrilled to have you alongside their musical journey with them.”

Will we see you at Fiddle Fest? Mark your calendars!

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